Building a Taxonomy of eLearning Patterns

When it comes to web-design, we all find it easy to navigate through various websites and apps. When we expect something, it’s there. If you forget your password when logging in to a website, you’ll always find a “Forgot your password” link to help you recover it. It’s a common pattern, documented in development framework, in books, in usability guides.
In eLearning design, things are not that straightforward. There is no book or framework to suggest where to place an instruction or a button. There is no guide. That’s why you never know what to expect at the end of a eLearning course, whether you will get a score or a mark, whether it will be in points or percentage and whether it will tell you how many questions you got right or wrong.
Each time a learning designer makes a design, he starts from scratch and in most cases, there is no time for research or making informed decisions. eLearning Design is too much do it yourself and that is why it is so hard to come up with outstanding designs.
The goal of the eLearning Patterns initiative is to build a taxonomy of eLearning patterns in order to promoted best practice, standardization and beautiful learning design.

The Author

MARIUS PRODANA, Ed-Tech Enthusiast
Marius Prodana
learning designer

I love learning desing

It's very gratifying to take something as broing as a quiz and make it feel special for your learners. That's what I am all about

I have started my journey in the eLearning field more than 10 years ago. Since, I have worked on 15+ eLearning projects in 6 countries, lead 9 of them as eLearning Technical Leader, designed 11 winning eLearning solutions for international tenders, developed one of the first interactive Augmented Reality application showcased at BETT Abu Dhabi in 2010 and co-founded an ed-tech product.


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